5 Tips for Storing Opened Wine

5 Tips for Storing Opened Wine

5 Tips for Storing Opened Wine

We always have trouble in figuring out what to do with the leftover wine. Sometimes we are left with no choice other than storing up the wine for later. If you leave the wine bottle open, the wine mixes with the oxygen and the process of oxygenation will turn the flavour of wine very dull.

Storing Opened Wine

The following are some of the tips for storing wine that is opened:

Seal the bottle tightly:

To preserve your wine, you need to replace the cork properly. Insert the cork into the wine bottle in the same way you pulled it out. Try to avoid inserting the clean side of the cork into the bottle which faces the wine. Inserting the cleanser side may seem to be a more comfortable thing to do but it may not be as clean as it looks and it could contaminate the wine in the bottle. If you do not have a cork to seal the container, you can use plastic wrap to cover the opening and secure it with a rubber band.

Store the bottle in a cold place:

We would never leave leftover food on the counter. We always store it in the refrigerator and but somehow when it comes to wine, most of us think it is fine to leave it outside. The wine is going to lose its quality once you open the bottle no matter where you store it, but when you store it at a cool temperature, the breaking down process is slowed down. Try not to keep the bottle in a horizontal position in the refrigerator as more wine will be exposed to oxygen.

Store the wine in smaller containers:

If you expose the wine to oxygen for a longer time, then the flavour of the wine will be lost. Thus make sure that you do not expose the surface of wine to oxygen. To do this, you can transfer wine from the original bigger bottle into smaller bottles. By doing this, the smaller glasses will take up less vertical space and thereby reduce the contact with oxygen. If you don’t want to transfer the wine into smaller bottles, you can preserve the wine in wine preserver.
Use funnels to pour the remaining wine into the storing bottles:
To reduce the amount of wine being exposed to air, make sure that you use a funnel to pour the contents into the bottle. There might be some exposure to air, so make sure that you do it quickly. Also do not do this procedure next to the window or in a room where the temperature is high.

Use wine shield:

A wine shield is a plastic disc that floats on wine. The plastic disc is placed to prevent oxidation of the wine. You can store the wine up to five days from opening when you use the wine shields.

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