Main Types of Wine Storage

Main Types of Wine Storage

Main Types of Wine Storage

Are you a wine connoisseur? Do you just love indulging in the velvety taste of supple reds and having your tastebuds dancing with Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc? Maybe you are just a collector who is interested in the different ways to store your wine collection effectively. Either way, wine storage plays a giant role in any wine appreciators life. You probably need to know whether the bottles should be kept in a cellar, in a rack or a cupboard. And believe us when we say all these are completely different.

You are in luck! In this post, we discuss 5 different ways of storing your favorite bottle of wine. In fact, you are cordially invited to join us as we uncover the 5 most popular ways of wine storage.

#1 In-House Cellar

In house cellar are more common in luxury homes.

If you are a collector and connoisseur, you probably want to invest in having a small cellar installed at your home. What’s great about this type of storage is the fact that the temperature in the room will be regulated, ensuring that oxidation does not take place and affect your wines.

#2 Off-site Cellar

Off site Cellars are commonly used for commercial purposes.

So you are a big fan and collector who only invest in buying fine wines, not buying to drink within the next couple of hours. If you have a very large collection, you should consider hiring a space that is big enough for your collection and is temperature controlled to ensure the quality of your collection is never jeopardized.

#3 Wine Rack

Wine Racks are used for short term storage.

These are perfect for the wine lover who buys a bottle today with the intention to serve it with dinner. There are wide varieties of wine racks available on the market, so you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you want a countertop wine rack, a stackable wine rack or a wall mounted wine rack, you should be able to be ready for storage in no-time!

#4 Dedicated Wine Refrigerator

Dedicated Wine Refrigerator are commonly used for long term storage and commercial purposes.

This type of storage is great if you are starting out your collection. You are a) able to cool the bottles you are going to consume within the next couple of days and b) able to cool the wines you aim to add to your collection and wish to age over time. Having a dedicated wine fridge also keeps your collection neat and tidy.

#5 Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets ae affordable and used for shorter storage periods.

Much like your ordinary liquor cabinets, these are useful and affordable for those wine drinkers who are not looking at collecting wine but rather emptying the bottles and enjoying it. The temperature in these cabinets won’t be regulated as with a refrigerator, but it would still keep it cool and dry and ready for your next shindig.

Remember, your decision all depends on how you enjoy your wine and what you aim to do with it. Collectors, stick with cellars and controlled temperatures. Enjoyers, anything goes, basically. Just a note for those of you who are not building up a collection, be sure to drink the wine you bought within 12 months if you are not keeping the bottle in a cellar or controlled environment.

What is your storage of preference? Let us know what type of storage you have and which you feel works the best!

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