Things to know about Wine Storage

Things to know about Wine Storage

Things to know about Wine Storage

Some wines must be stored to achieve higher quality. It is said that the longer the wine is stored, the better the flavour. So many people think that wine should be stored, but this is not the case in all the wines. Once a wine bottle is opened, the oxygen reacts with the wine and decreases the quality. We feel that we know how to store wine and but there are specific details and science behind the aging of wine.

Wine Storage

The following are some of the things you need to know about wine storage:

Store the wine at the right temperature:

There is a lot of confusion as of which temperature the wine has to be stored. Many people tell different temperatures for storing wine. The difference has to do with the fact that some styles of wine age differently from others at the same temperature. Every wine has it’s a unique sweet spot which will allow the wine to age optimally. You need to understand that no matter which wine you are aging if you maintain the temperature of the storage room between 53-55°F the wine will develop without halting.

Turn the lights off in the storage room:

Long-term storage can be hampered when the wine is being exposed to light. The UV rays from the sun can degrade the quality and prematurely age wine; this is one of the main reasons why most of the wine bottles are coloured. The colouring is more like a sunglass for wine.
The light that comes from the sun can cause more damage to the wine, but the lights from household bulbs do not damage the wine, but it can fade the labels in the long run. Try to prefer incandescent bulbs over fluorescent bulbs as it emits very small amounts of ultraviolet light.

Vibrations can ruin the wine:

A wine bottle must be kept in a place where there are no vibrations, and you need to make sure that you do not shake the bottle of wine at any cost. It is very difficult for the wine to settle if you shake the wine. Especially if you are storing red wine, you need to keep it in a place where it is left untouched. The area in which you store the wine bottle must not have any vibrations, so make sure that no one walks around in that area.

Keep the cellar ventilated:

It is true that you must take care of the lightings, temperature, vibrations, and humidity of the cellar but another important factor which you must keep in mind is the ventilation of the room. Ventilation is essential as wine absorbs odor very quickly. The fragrance of the room can seep into the wine and ruin the contents. So to get the top quality wine, you need to ensure that the cellar is nicely ventilated so that no bad smell gets stagnated in the room.

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